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HY-Ⅲ efficient compound cement grinding aid (liquid)

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I. Product introduction

HY-Ⅲ efficient compound cement grinding aid (liquid) is a type of liquid that is made by carrying out special processing and compounding on several nonionic surfactant. The product has such functions as grinding aid and enhancement, and complies with the requirements of the Cement Grinding Aid (GB/T26748-2011).

II. Main performance of product

1. Technical parameters

A. Specific gravity: 1.10-1.30; B. Boiling point: 120℃; C. Color: colorless or light brown;

2. Product characteristics

A. When adding this product in a proper amount, the product may effectively improve the working condition inside the mill and can raise the grinding efficiency. Usually it will enable the output per machine hour to raise by over 20%.

B. While raising the productivity of mill, the product may increase the cement strength of different ages.

C. When the productivity is not increased greatly, it may properly reduce the use amount of clinker, increase the mixing amount of blending material by 8 to 10 percent and cut down production cost.

III. Scope of application and mixing amount

1. Scope of application: It is applicable to cement of various types and strengths as stipulated in the standard for general Portland cement.

2.Mixing amount

     HY-ⅢA 0.2~0.4‰;

     HY-ⅢB 1.0~1.2‰;

     HY-ⅢC 0.4~0.6‰;

     HY-ⅢE 1.3~1.5‰。

IV. Method of application and instructions

1. According to the mill production capacity, prepare liquid pulse metering pump and carry out calibration.

2. Activation of washing and grinding

Add the HY-Ⅲ grinding aid in an amount slightly higher than the stipulated amount into the mill for one to two hours, which shall serve as the washing, grinding and activation process.

3. Adjustment of increasing productivity

After the activation stage, it is time for increasing productivity of the mill. The product fineness and specific area shall be controlled in a normal range. Through the change of milling sound, increase the output of mill gradually. While increasing the output, the grinding aid has been raised accordingly.

4. Enhance or improve the mixing amount of blending material

When the output of mill remains unchanged, add the grinding aid and make adjustment to reduce the product fineness or raise the specific area, which is aimed at improving strength. Alternatively, when the quality and strength remain unchanged, increase the mixing amount of blending material through adjustment.

V. Packing, transport and storage

1. Before using the grinding aid, it is necessary to inspect and adjust the capability of related auxiliary equipment.

2. During use, pay attention to the change of the grading and the loading capacity of the grinding medium.

3. It is necessary to frequently inspect the accuracy of the adding amount of the grinding aid.

4. The grinding aid in barrel shall be evenly shaken before use.




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