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HY-Ⅱefficient compound cement thickening enhancer

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HY-Ⅱefficient compound cement thickening enhancer is specially processed through multiple materials. During the production of cement, it can replace gypsum. While adjusting the duration of cement coagulation, it can also aid and enhance the grinding of cement, stimulate its activity, improve its performance , etc.

I. Recommended amount of admixture

When grinding cement, add the product as per 2.2% to 2.8%.

II. Scope of application

1. It is applicable to the production of cement by various cement manufacturers and cement grinding stations.

2. It is applicable to cement of various types and strengths as stipulated in the standard for general Portland cement.

III. Main characteristics of product

1. The product may totally replace the gypsum as added during cement production, and therefore adjust the coagulation duration of cement, making it meet the national standard.

2. Reduce processes

After using this product, the gypsum crushing and the separate process for adding grinding aid can be canceled, which saves manpower and electricity. It also reduces a group of dosing, and makes the product quality more stable.

3. Raise the cement strength and improve cement performance

This product can greatly raise the cement strength. In three days, the strength can be raised by over 20%, and in 28 days over 10%. Besides, the cement’s dry shrinkage and the resistance to freezing, thawing, abrasion, and corrosion are improved effectively.

4.Production of high-strength cement

With the adding quantity of mixed cement remains unchanged, the strength of cement can be raised to a strength level when adding this product.

5.Improve cement productivity and quality, utilize industrial residue in large quantities, save resource and energy, cut down cement cost, reduce environmental pollution and produce green, environmental-friendly cement.

IV. Method of application and instruction

1. This product shall be directly added to the mill through recommended mixing amount and shall be jointly ground with the clinker and the mixed material.

2. The actual mixing amount of this product shall be carried out adaptive adjustment according to the chemical composition of the company’s clinker, the type of addition material, and the time of mixing.

3. When preparing material, the measurement shall be accurate, and the materials shall be added as per the finalized mixture ratio.

V. Packing, transport and storage

1. This product is woven by plastics externally and packed by plastic film internally. The net weight of each bag is 50kg.

2. This product is powder and shall be carefully handled. Besides, prevent the bag from breach and rain.

3. The product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse and shall be kept from damp.

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