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HY-Ⅰefficient compound cement grinding aid (powder)

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I. Product introduction

HY-Ⅰefficient compound cement grinding aid (powder) is a type of powder grinding aid that is made by carrying out special process on several surfactant and chlorine-free inorganic materials. The product has such functions as grinding aid and enhancement, and complies with the requirements of the Cement Grinding Aid (GB/T26748-2011).

II. Main performance of product

1. Technical parameters

Appearance: light gray or light pink;

Capacity: 850±20kg/m3;

Granularity: screen residue of 3mm square hole sieve ≤5.0%;

Moisture content: ≤2.0% .

2. Product characteristics

A. Raise the cement strength: The compressive strength for three days can be raised by over 20%, and that for 28 days can be raised by over 10%.

B. With the strength level of originally produced cement remains unchanged, the adding quantity of composite material can be raised between 8% and 10%.

C. Raise output of each mill between 5% and 10%.

III. Scope of application and amount of admixture

1. Scope of application: This product is applicable to cement of various types and strengths as stipulated in the standard for general Portland cement.

2. Recommended amount of admixture: The amount of admixture is 0.3-0.5%.

IV. Method of application and instructions

1. Measure according to 0.3-0.5%, and evenly put it in cement mill to be ground together with clinker, gypsum, and mixed material. The adding position can either remain on the belt of the materials to be transported for grinding or on the coarse feed spiral at the back of the powder concentrator. Metering screw or small electric vibrating machine can be used as metering equipment. If condition permits, microcomputer can be used for measurement. The measurement must be accurate and the material shall be added in strict accordance with the finalized mixture ratio.

2. Comprehensive moisture of the materials for grinding ≤1.5%.

3. After adding the grinding aid, and because the flow rate of materials is getting higher, it is necessary to properly adjust the grading of the grinding body and the parameters of the powder concentrator, so as to make sure the product quality and the mill are remain in the best condition.

V. Packing, transport and storage

1. This product is woven by plastics externally and packed by plastic film internally. The net weight of each bag is 50kg.

2. The shipping process shall prevent against crack and rain.

3. The product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated area. Pay attention to damp proofing, color change and agglomeration which shall not keep the product from normal use.

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