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Talent concept

Talent concept

Companies adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to feelings keep people, keep people cause and treatment to keep people, efforts to build a business platform for the growth of talent!
Talent concept  
We believe that everyone can.
We do our best, right people, a suitable person.
We are people-oriented, the pursuit of continuous innovation.
We view the recruitment, the common value of building staff, create the future.
We respect every employee, we are proud of Hongyi and macro artist, because you have the more powerful, because you have more confidence.
We encourage and urge every employee with high expectations of their own to traction, high standard to demand oneself, challenge to motivate themselves, struggle, and grow with the company.
We must cultivate the excellent staff, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance; honest, pragmatic, enterprising talents.
We advocate the motherland and corporate presence; career and family.; individual and collective presence; competition and unity with pragmatic and innovation; presence; criticism and self-criticism.
We esteem, employees and enterprises with the Rong is shame, with a total retreat into.
We respect the staff, hope that through their own efforts, to contribute to a better life for human.
Talent development 
According to the research and production needs, there are plans to send the promising young researchers to institutions of higher learning.
In order to solve the individual professional shortage, every year to send 1-2 subjects or the professional leaders to college for further study.
The talented person treatment 
The introduction of lifetime wage standard:
Graduates of full-time university wage standard is 1600 yuan / month;
Bachelor's degree graduates of full-time wage standard is 2000 yuan / month;
According to the wages of workers to enhance post and ability, strive to improve the 5%-20% annually.
All companies need special personnel, engaged in scientific research, senior management, senior technical work salary negotiable.
In order to attract talent to join us, the company will provide favourable conditions, high salary, and the emphasis on the principle of fairness, at the same time into the company, the company will buy endowment insurance insurance for employees, the macro art technology in rapid development, after the company will strive to improve staff welfare.